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Textbooks side binding hot melt adhesive NNL37A

Textbooks side binding hot melt adhesive NNL37A

Item No. 37A

Softening Point: 85°C

Viscosity: 3070CPs/165℃

Open time:6-9 seconds

Setting time: 10-12seconds

Working temperature: 160-170℃

Appearance: Light yellow transparent pellet

Color: 1-3

Toxicity: None



Application: Coated paper 200-350gsm

Characteristics: high adhesive strength, good fluidity, no drawing, nice transparency, nontoxic and excellent high-temperature performance

Machinery: All binding machines

Packing: 25KG/BAG, packed in poly bag

Storage: clean and dry environment

Validity: 18 months


Remark: The above technical information is for reference only. It is recommended to test the selectivity of the product before using it. The company will not be responsible for any losses caused by operational errors or improper use. For more information, please consult our technical service department.

1.    Suggested working temperature: 160-170℃

2.    Suggested gluing way: Roller gluing

3.    Viscosity can be adjusted by temperature

4.    Please use wax to clean the glue tank under 120℃if there is any carbon in it.

5.    The glue tank should be closed immediately after putting the glue so that the glue will not mix up with other impurity.

6.    Our glue cannot mix with other brand glue.

Precaution: Please wear protective clothes, eyeshade, and glove when working; and turn off the machines or set the machine temperature below 120℃if the machines stop working for over 2 hours; Clean the heating equipment regularly to maintain the accuracy of the temperature controller.

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your attention and support for the hot melt adhesive! If you have any interest in the hot melt adhesive or other related issues, please feel free to contact us via hotline (+757-63251228), or fill in your contact information and requirements of the hot melt adhesive through the online consultation or free sample of the website. it is best to mention application industry, adhesive materials, equipment types, sizing methods, sizing environment, etc. This information can help you obtain the the most suitable and cost-effective Models accurately from us, only by understanding the real needs of customers, we can provide customers with the services and products in place, in order to fully assist customers to efficiently use the hot melt adhesive to generate added value! After many years of development, Hojing Hot Melt Adhesive has developed a number of models and provided professional solutions for customers in various industries, so we always have a model for you! Or you can customize it to your specific needs. Only products that solve customer needs are valuable products, and manufacturers that can solve problems are powerful manufacturers.

[About Quotation]

By communicating with customers in detail and understanding their needs, the company provides targeted and accurate quotations based on the required formula and production process. The validity period of the quotation is usually 30 days. Since the production cost of the product mainly depends on the cost of raw material procurement, the price of our products will change with the market conditions of the raw materials. We will inform the customer the first time before the company makes the price adjustment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[About Order]

Upon receipt of the customers order request, Hojing Company will draw up a Proforma Invoice according to the model, quantity and unit price of the product purchased by the customer and confirm it with the signature of both parties (can be signed by the two parties on the spot, express delivery of the original, fax or email online Passing), when the company receives the 30% deposit of the purchaser’s payment contract amount and starts to arrange the production, the production period is generally completed according to the order quantity and processing technology, unless there is some force majeure factor, the construction period will be slowly. When the company completes the order production, it will notify the buyers representative to arrange the subsequent delivery related matters. The buyer will pay the balance according to the agreement between the two parties. For the payment method, please read the payment terms. When all the conditions are met, Hojing will arrange the delivery according to the agreed transportation mode. When the goods are issued, the relevant personnel of the company will inform the operator of the logistics distribution, we will track the transportation and distribution.

When both parties sign the contract, they will keep an archive. If the first time the two parties provide each others business license to verify the tax information, we will have TT(Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C at sight payment methods for your choice, the seller will send the Proforma Invoice with the payment method as agreed via fax, email. we will fully cooperate with the customers choice of convenient and assured way.

After the purchaser completes the payment procedures, please inform the business person in charge of the order and provide a copy of the remittance voucher by fax or internet transmission (fax, email, whatsApp and WeChat, etc.), so that we can check the account and make sure that it does not affect the timely production and delivery arrangements of the order.

If you want to know more about the payment issues, please feel free to consult us via hot line(+757-63251228), or fill in your contact information and requirement through the online consultation of the website, we will reply as soon as possible. The above regulations may bring you great inconvenience. Here, our Guangdong Haojing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. would like to apologize to you. Thank you very much for your understanding and support!

After the completion of the production, the Hojing company will arrange the delivery product as required by the purchaser within 3 days. Under the premise that the customer does not explicitly specify the logistics method or operator, we have accumulated many years of logistics resources to help customers choose to deliver samples or bulk shipments of logistics companies with fast delivery, comprehensive network and reasonable price. The company responsible personnel will In the distribution, it fully tracks the progress and situation of the shipment, so that customers can save money and worry. Of course, we can also deliver goods according to the delivery method or the logistics company requested by the customer.

The time of cargo transportation is affected by the distance between the two locations and the smooth traffic conditions. Therefore, in order to enable the goods to be delivered to the destination in time, please consider the above transportation conditions in addition to our production schedule to reserve enough time. When you received the goods, please pay attention to check whether the packaging of the goods is damaged or abnormal, and the damage caused by the goods in the logistics process, the liability for compensation shall be borne by our company. Other gains and losses, according to the actual conditions, each bear the responsibility for compensation!

If you want to know more about transportation and delivery, please feel free to consult us via  hotline (+757-63251228), or fill in your contact information and requirements through the online consultation of the website, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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