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Brief talk some operating experience of panel edge sealing equipment in furniture manufacturing


Many fashion furniture on the market are inseparable from the panel furniture. In addition to the need for veneer treatment on the furniture, the edge of the panel needs to be decorated with a side to achieve an aesthetic effect. In order to make the edge band firmly and beautifully fit on the edge of the board, in addition to the good quality edge sealing hot melt adhesive, it must be equipped with good performance edge sealing equipment. Of course, these are hardware equipment, the operator is on the equipment. The experience and proficiency of the operation is also critical.


Due to the rapid and mature development of production equipment, fully automatic and semi-automatic machines can achieve precision and efficiency compared with previous manual operations. The most important thing is to reduce manual operators, greatly saving labor costs and trivial management. Of course, the premise of using the machine is to train a group of skilled machine operators. Experienced operators can face different types of edge-sealing equipment and different materials of panel and edge banding. At the same time, enterprises need to establish a systematic and standardized operating system, so that mechanization can maximize the benefits in the enterprise.


Different materials need different equipment settings and operation skills. The types of panel on the market are generally divided into fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, blockboard, etc. The edge banding is divided into PVC, ABS, polyester and melamine. Ammonia, natural veneer, synthetic veneer, etc., for different materials of the adhesive, different specifications of the edge sealing hot melt adhesive, such as: melt viscosity, softening point, operating temperature, feed rate, amount of glue, etc., start at the equipment It is necessary to do these analyses beforehand, and set the appropriate parameters to use the edge sealing hot melt adhesive to achieve the best results, as well as the thickness of the panel, the shape of the edge of the board, etc. have to be considered. The ambient temperature and cleanliness around the work are also important. For example, in the cold weather season, we are used to the operating speed of the hot weather. The hot melt adhesive is a substance that is sensitive to temperature, and the temperature will cause the seal. The hot melt adhesive is rapidly cooled, so that the rapid curing will affect the penetration of the rubber and thus the good adhesion effect, so the operation speed of the machine may be slowed down or the adhesive is preheated, so that the hot melt adhesive can be achieved. Normal curing speed. Regarding the cleanliness of the environment, it is necessary to keep the material from dust pollution, and to prevent the material from getting wet, because dust and moisture will greatly reduce the bonding effect.
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