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How to choose the hot melt adhesive for the appropriate packaging carton?


Due to the wide application of packaging in various industries, general hot melt adhesive manufacturers will develop suitable packaging hot melt adhesives for the packaging industry, and have different parameters for different packaging materials, including viscosity, softening point, and opening time, softening point, etc., in addition to the material to be glued, the hot melt adhesive model must also consider the processing equipment of the packaging box, because the different operating characteristics of the type of processing equipment will be different, the sizing temperature and operation of the equipment speed must match the parameters of the packaged hot melt adhesive to achieve the best bonding performance. If it is used in a fast automatic production line, it must use a fast curing glue. If the curing slow glue is used, it will not keep up with the equipment. The rhythm is easy to cause the carton to be degummed.


When looking for hot melt suppliers, pay special attention to the professionalism of the other business personnel, because only the salesman is familiar with the model and use of the product, can provide professional technical support and services, in order to accurately recommend the suitable package for the user. Of course, it is also crucial that the user communication expression is in place, because the user can accurately provide professional solutions after detailed the materials and equipment conditions used by the user, and can also avoid both parties avoiding business transactions. With some detours, users can also improve their business efficiency and save costs.
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