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The packaging box's own factors affect the efficiency of automated sealing


The company introduces automatic product packaging and sealing equipment to quickly put the product into the carton, and can seal the box by melting the hot melt adhesive, which is undoubtedly helpful for promoting production efficiency. However, if the corrugated box pre-processed before packaging is processed without some defects, it will eventually get stuck in some parts of the sealing equipment and cannot enter the next process smoothly. When introducing prefabricated semi-finished cartons, we need to pay attention to the followings.


1.       It may be that the prefabricated carton is damp. Because the package hot melt adhesive is used on the adhesive material with high temperature, it will affect the adhesive performance. After the sealing, the carton cover will easily bounce off, and the damp carton once processed, it will affect the following process. If there is a problem with the entire batch of boxes, the equipment will be shut down. Therefore, we should pay attention to the moisture content when purchasing the carton, especially in the rainy season, and when doing storage, be sure to prevent moisture and water.


2.       There is overflow on the surface of the prefabricated carton. Since the carton supplier does not wait for the glue to solidify when the carton is mad, it will be stacked together, causing the residual glue to stick the other contact surfaces. The stacked cartons are separated when the sealing equipment is processed. If the cartons stick to each other, they will not be able to go on and will cause blockages in the equipment. It is necessary to stop before pulling them down to continue. If the quantity is large, the whole batch of packaging efficiency will be affected.


3.       The prefabricated carton is damaged or deformed. If the damaged or deformed carton is sent to the equipment for processing, it may cause the device parts to be stuck and cannot be moved forward. The components of the sealing equipment may be damaged seriously.


The material used for the prefabricated carton is too thin or the hardness of the paper is not enough. This may cause the carton to be deformed during processing and cause improper positioning or equipment clogging, which may cause damage to the carton or machine failure.
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