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Some problems should be considered when purchasing hot melt adhesive for packaging


When purchasing hot melt adhesives, you need to consider the materials used for the packaging. Different materials have different compatibility with hot melt adhesives. In addition, there are other factors that affect the performance of hot melt adhesives, such as : Operator's experience and proficiency, equipment parameter settings, ambient temperature, etc. When we need to purchase different formulations of hot melt adhesive models according to these objective conditions, pay attention to the following points.


1. Viscosity: The viscosity of hot melt adhesive refers to the property of the adhesive immediately forming a considerable bond strength after contact with the adhered. It has a pre-adhesive viscosity and a late adhesive viscosity. The viscosity of these two periods only remains similar or consistent, and its viscosity is sticky. The more stable the connection performance is. In addition to viscosity, hot melt adhesives do not need to have good plasticity, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and halogen resistance.


2. Resistance to cold and heat: Temperature change is the basic factor for the performance of hot melt adhesive. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the colloid will soften and produce viscosity. If it is higher than a certain temperature, oxidative decomposition will occur. Below a certain temperature, it will be embitter and degummed. When purchasing hot melt adhesives, we should consider the changes in ambient temperature and time. Hot melt adhesive factory will blend the products against cold or heat.


3. Operation time: The operation time controls the performance of the hot melt adhesive. The different hot melt adhesives have different requirements on the opening time and the holding time. The general fast requirement is (opening time: 1-3 seconds, curing Time: 3-5 seconds); medium speed requirement is (open time: 5-8 seconds, curing time: 8-10 seconds); slow speed requirement is (open time: 8-10 seconds, curing time: 10- 12 seconds), this can be purchased according to your device type.


4. The surface of the adhesive is cleaned: the surface should be cleaned before applying the hot melt adhesive. If the hot melt adhesive is coated with an unclean surface, some dust will be mixed to decrease the viscosity of the adhesive, which greatly affects the bonding effect.


5. Color: Because some packaging materials are white, transparent and other light colors, if you apply a yellowish hot melt adhesive, there will be obvious color difference. Therefore, users who have special requirements for appearance should consider light color when purchasing packaging hot melt adhesive. But the yellowish viscosity will be stronger than the lighter color.
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